Dec. 11th, 2016

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 So this is the thing that livejournal used to be?  

Do people still use this?  I never did, as LJ was my preferred blogging site, and would still be so, had things not changed so much, both with my life and the formatting.  

I miss the comments and interaction that good ol' LJ provided.  Tumblr is fun and all, but I don't care for the endless scrolling.  I like things in chunks rather than a slow, steady stream, and I like being able to sort through those chunks to find shit that interests me.  

So I'll give this a trial run, see how it goes.  Maybe it will give me the outlet that LJ once did.  The set-up is like old school LJ, and that pleases me, but if this is a dead site like that one, then I guess I'll just go with the flow, no matter that the flow is terrible and not what I enjoy.  
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 One neat thing that has happened lately, though?

There's a little shop in Huntersville, which is rich people territory and a land that I never tread else they smell my trailer park stink, that caters to the Wiccan, witchy, new age crowd.  I myself am not Wiccan, though I find I get along very well with those people.  I do enjoy the incense and the frank, welcoming vibe in this wee shop, though.  The first time I visited, the owner was on the phone, waved me in, and continued her business conversation on the phone, which included a lot of "Well, that cocksucker can go fuck himself because I already told him!" and things like that.  I knew I had found a kindred spirit.  I go a lot to purchase their dried herbs and oils, especially since I've not been able to grow and gather my own this year.  The only thing I've been able to harvest is my Thundermint, and that's only because mint grows no matter what you do to it.  I've not been able to do my usual rosemary, lavender, chives, anything.  So it's nice to have a source for the things I use in my teas and bath blends.  

So they offer classes on witchcraft and the like, and while I don't practice anything like that, I do think it's interesting.  I like the herbalism side of that sort of thing, so I decided to attend one of their beginner's courses.  There were...fuck, I don't know, 25 people crammed in the art gallery of this shop, and they were all SO eager to learn.  It was obvious that many of them had been to the classes before, and they were still excited to be there.  

The owner had everyone do a short intro for the class, name and place of birth only, and out of those 25 or so people, only 3, myself included, were from NC.  One was from Paris, another from Columbia, and the rest were from VA, KY, NY, and MA.  It was a wildly different group of people than what I'm used to being around lately.  Seriously, with all of the family problems and inability to travel right now, I am surrounded by people that never leave this damn county.  It's maddening.  

So it was nice to see a bunch of like-minded folks in the same space, sharing common interests, with no talk of politics or deporting people.  (I am still bitter and very, very angry about the election, by the way, and it is shoved down my throat daily.  I love NC, but the people here suck so much ass sometimes.)

The owner started cussing as soon as we were all seated, made at least 5 dick jokes during the course of the lesson, and still managed to teach a lot of shit.  It was obvious that the people there had at least a basic knowledge of what she was teaching, but little ol' ignorant me was clueless.  I learned a lot, though, and was thrilled when she discussed plants and their healing/harmful properties.  My little red pen was taking notes like a mutha.  

It was a good night.  I had to leave a little early to go to work, but it was totally worth it.  


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